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Craig Holme Has Fantastic Resources For You And Your Business!

Are you struggling to pay all your bills? Do you need to refinance? How is your telecommunications? Do you need to further your training and development? Are you trying to break into social media marketing? Do you need to get some tax issues soughted out? Do you want to migrate to Australia? Whatever the case Craig Holme can help you all you need to do is contact Craig Holme and he will help you!

Craig Holme – The Family Man

Craig Holme is a passionate family man and loving father of 3 girls, 2 grandchildren, 2 son-in-laws and his lovely wife Veronika. Craig is often pleased when he meets new people who are as family oriented as he is. Even with the wonderful successes Craig has had in business he has always put his family first!

Craig Holme – A Commitment To Life-long Learning

Craig Holme is committed to life-long learning and ongoing professional and personal development.

Craig Holme achieved the Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) in 2009 and the Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) in 2010.

Craig Holme is also near completion of a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Politics from the University of Adelaide. Craig Holme is also studying a Bachelor of Theology at Flinders University.

Craig Holme – Philanthropic Activities

Craig Holme is passionate about helping those less fortunate in life. He has spent the last 30 years assisting charities and other bodies raise money for humanitarian and social causes. Craig is particularly passionate about helping persecuted people, orphaned children and poor families in Third World Countries. Craig has also developed a number of support groups to assist people in their daily struggles with depression, anxiety and other challenges facing people with today’s stressful life styles.

Having known Craig Holme for a number of years, the first thing that springs to mind of anyone who has had dealings with Craig is his astute business mind and his ability to help people. If you talk to anyone about Craig they will always speak highly of Craig and his commitment to helping those less fortunate then himself.

If you have a community group, organisation or charity that needs assistance with fundraising please contact Craig Holme as he has 30 plus years of experience in fundraising strategies and has many business contacts.

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